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Team Scammer’s E-Sports

Hey i have found one the best discord servers they are having 700 members now and i have seen their growth is so fast they are gaining 100 followers daily and are one of the fastest growing discord servers.


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Team Scammer E-Sports

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**Hii @everyone ,**

***Team Scammer E-Sports*** is a ***competitive PUBG-M Clan.*** As our aim to became the best **PUBG-M Clan**, We are trying to improve ourselves by constant grinding in *Tournament & Customs.* So, @here We are organizing daily *T3 Customs & also Paid Tournaments.*

*Daily T3 timings-*

Registration will open at 12:00PM from 29 June. ◆ ▬▬▬▬ ❴ 8:00 PM ❵ ▬▬▬▬ ◆ ➣ *Match Time – 8:15 PM ➣ ID Pass – 8:00 PM* ◆ ▬▬▬▬ ❴ 9:00 PM ❵ ▬▬▬▬ ◆ ➣ *Start Time – 9:15 PM ➣ ID Pass – 9:00 PM* ◆ ▬▬▬▬ ❴ 𝘙𝘜𝘓𝘌𝘚❵ ▬▬▬ ◆ ➣ *Only mobile players are allowed. ➣ At least 3 players of your squad must have joined our Discord server for successful registrations. ➣ Use of any kind of unfair means will result in a direct ban from Team Scammer E-Sports customs.

Server Rules



[TEAM Scammer] E-sports


Note: @here Server rules are equal for @everyone which are simple and Easy, Please read all of them. If you have any difficulty related to server rules please contact any of the staff asap.

☛ Don’t be offensive or Racist

☛ Don’t Spam in Server or DMs

☛ Permanent ban for scammers

☛ Don’t use Music bot in other Channels.

☛ Don’t Harass Anyone in DMs or Server

☛ No Earrape in Voice Channels

☛ Be Friendly

☛ Don’t ask for anyone’s personal information in this server

☛ Don’t Mess up with server admin or mods

☛ Don’t Ping mods or Admins unnecessarily

☛ Don’t ask for roles ☛

Use #—͟͞͞☸┆general-chat to chat with other server member.

☛ If you want your friend to get unban from this server then contact Admins or Mods.

☛ Self-Bots are not allowed

☛ Don’t ask for personal information of anyone or share your someone’s or own personal information.

Clan Info


Team Scammer E-Sports


⋙Mobile clan (Team Scammer E-Sports)

☛ Offsider Esports winner, and many more achievements

ȯAbout [Team TS]

☛ Active clan members. (Mobile + Emulator)
☛ Managing  clans ( Esports, Emulator and Mobile)
☛ 100% Legit Clan, With zero tolerance policy towards hackers.

ȯ @here What we provide to @everyone in clan TS:-

☛ Good management.
☛ Friendly atmosphere.
☛ A coach for correcting mistakes.
☛ Lineups.


●❯──────────────────────❮● Team Scammer E-Sports ●❯──────────────────────❮● ╚» @❑「CLAN MEMBER」S of Team Scammer E-Sports.

 ☛ Leader 1. [email protected] 帝 MOSSAD®
 ☛ Co-leader 2. [email protected]® 3. TS气SAMBAÔ[email protected]® 4. [email protected] 帝 LOVEGURU®
 ☛ Elites & Members 5. TS气[email protected] 6. TS气BUSSAÔ[email protected] BUSSA 7. TS气卂[email protected] 帝 ADVIK 8. [email protected]气JÀMWÄL 9. TS气[email protected]气ROBO 10. TS气[email protected]气CRUSH 11. TS气[email protected] 12. TS气[email protected] 帝 WRAKAOP™ 13. TS气[email protected] 14. TS气[email protected] SINGH 15. [email protected] 帝 TIGER 16. TSXDEXTER
@TS 帝 DEXTER™ 17. [email protected]



Team Scammer E-Sports


Clan Rules:-

(1) – We don’t support Rank pushing with hacker. if found you are doing then, player will be kicked from the clan.

(2) – Must follow all Rules.

(3) – Clan members need to behave respectfully towards everyone.

(4) – Clan members need to attend meetings that they are told to if they cant then they need to DM the reasons.

(5) – Clan members must play with Available clan members if they are Online (prioritising friends shouldn’t be case) if you can’t then message them the reason.

(6) – Toxicity will be intolerable, 5 warnings to be given before kicking out.

(7) – Hacking and Game Exploitation is prohibited in the clan. greater than Player found doing so will get direct kick from the Clan.

(8) – Basic Rule :- If you give respect, you gain respect.

(9) – Obey to The Commands given by IGL

(10) – If any member of @❑「CLAN MEMBER」 leave the clan without informing:- LEADER OR CO-LEADER You won’t be taken back to the clan, You need to apply again with your requirements. (11)- All TS member Must Keep their Discord id With Prefix Team Scammer and must be active on Discord.



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