Introductory _________________________________________________

One of the easiest ways you can make money fast with your online business is to create your own products and sell those products to other people over the Internet.

The set-up process may take you a few weeks, but once the products are ready they work almost entirely by themselves.

This is a very profitable and satisfying experience. Imagine having sale agents that work tirelessly for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week the whole year. Moreover, these agents produce money constantly like robot machines for many years.

What I share with you today is an idea that you had probably not gave it a serious thought before. It doesn’t matter where you are working right now. The fact is that you could be making some nice extra money by just starting your very own online business. There are different branches or streams of income you can choose.

There are three BIG methods to make money fast on the Internet today. These are those methods:

1) Self-publishing your own digital products.

2) Affiliate marketing.

3) Trading.

Trading is the hardest to learn. In the other hand it could be the most profitable activity of all. Think about it. For example, if you trade currencies at Forex, some brokerage firms could lend you as much as 100 times your initial investment to trade. This means that you are receiving a LOT of leverage. You are magnifying the power of your trading capital.

I know that many individuals don’t like to trade at all. I am just expressing my comments about this business here because I know it has good income potential. It could make you money fast if you understand how it works. That’s my personal opinion.

Now, I also have faith in creativity. Innovation and creativity can make you money fast wherever you live. So, if you are a creative person, then this paragraph is specially for you. Humans are naturally creative beings, but people often don’t know how to profit from their creative work. Creating something that brings you fast money is easy.

Some people know that they have creative talent, but they don’t know how to profit from it. Others have a clue about it. They have that gut feeling or maybe just common sense, which tells them that the future of business is on the Internet. Probably you have never thought about creating anything that could set you financially independent. Let me tell you that the opportunities are endless once you learn how to do it.

Finally affiliate marketing is on the Internet what retailing is on the streets. In today’s business world some people manufacture the products and others sell them on stores. To have an affiliate web site is like to own a store. The only difference is that on the Internet everything is much easier than on the offline world.

I know some people will differ with me about these facts, but think about it. If you would be a store owner you would have to rent a space, hire employees, deal with merchandise, file many forms per year, advertise your products, etc. There are so many requisites that most people don’t even think about it. In the other hand, you can become an affiliate within hours if you know how to do it.

Building your own web site could take you a few hours if that’s what you want to do. You don’t need one though. There are options that most people don’t even imagine. I have heard how many individuals complain that affiliate marketing is too expensive. They think so because they take the hardest path.

There are many ways you can advertise on the Internet for free. When you are an affiliate, basically what you are doing is just to advertise other people’s products and services. Remember that you can get paid 50% for every sale and more. With such high commissions you don’t need to sell many products to start generating a substantial income.

Whatever you choose to do the online idea is a profitable one. You can make money fast with a home-based Internet business. There are many aspects

you can implement on an online business that you can’t adapt to an offline one.

Everything is easier in hyperspace. That’s why transnational corporations, government agencies as well as small business owners are turning to the Internet more and more every day.

I have a few questions for you. Are you cashing in and benefiting from these opportunities? Do you want to learn how to make more money from home?

The possibilities are endless!

Chapter 1: Make Money By Starting An Online Business _________________________________________________

Increasing cost of living is making it hard for parents, especially with children, to make both ends meet.

They usually both work to pay bills and expenses, often leaving their child with a babysitter or a day-care center.

However, some parents cannot stand the thought of leaving their child with strangers. They feel the need to personally keep an eye on their child.

To contribute with the household expenses, a stay at home parent usually starts his or her business at home.

In the past, this could be cooking or baking food and sell it to their neighbors, but with today’s technology, the internet can produce a wider variety of businesses and broader number of customers.

One type of online business is internet marketing. All a stay-at-home parent has to do is create a website and affiliate with other websites.

This works by advertising the products of other websites on your website, the company you are advertising will usually give you a commission if a product has been sold as a result of your efforts. To be successful in this business, your website traffic should be high.

Targeted traffic is also important to make sure that people who are visiting your website are at least interested to consider buying the products you are advertising.

One great way to generate targeted traffic is to write an article about the product you are advertising.

After you finished writing the article, submit it to article publishing websites. Include your website’s URL after the end of the article. Readers who are interested in the product will most likely visit your website

Make sure to make your articles interesting and easy to read. Try to make your family and friends read the articles first and get their opinion before submitting it to the article-publishing website.

The great thing about posting an article is that it is often free and free advertising is always good.

Your website should also include details about the product you are advertising and should catch your website visitor’s attention the moment they enter your website. Add some articles about the pros and cons about the product, some reviews and customer’s testimonials. This is a great way to earn money at home.

Another way to earn money at home is by using auction websites. You can auction practically anything. It is also a great way to get rid of unwanted items from your house, or selling your crafts, such as homemade knitted clothing or your own paintings.

You can also buy items at auctions yourself and sell them at a slightly higher price. It is hard to believe, but there is always someone willing to buy your junk! Some people even buy collector cards, like for instance, baseball cards.

Writing is also one great way to make money online while staying home. A number of companies hire freelance writers. This type of job can be fun and allows you to be creative and independent. A company usually pays you per article you write.

Home based business is also great for students who want to either help their parents out with school expenses or simply earn some extra cash.

The great thing about online business is that it does not require you to leave your home often. It is also great for parents who have children and cannot afford a day care center or a babysitter. It is also a great way to spend more quality time with their children and supervise them as they grow up.

Chapter 2: Make Money, Grow Rich and Attain Financial Freedom! _________________________________________________

“Wealth is thoughts, not things.” – Robert G. Allen “Money is not important.”

It’s one of the biggest myths known to man. And it is one of the core reasons why the majority of the people are not wealthy… why the majority of people not attaining financial freedom.

Tell this myth to the family who’s starving right now or to the family who needs money for some serious medical help for a member of their family. They will tell you how important money is. We have conditioned from day one to believe that money is not important. Wanting money is wrong and un-ethical. And yet, the entire world is running after money.

Money is purely a way to appraise the amount of value you create for others. If you have a lot of money, it means you have created a lot of value for other people. If you don’t have the amount of money you would like to have, that simply means that you just haven’t yet found a way to generate the amount of value for others that you are capable of, or the value that you would like to.

Lack of money also leads to many social problems. If we look at the countries, cities and particular places that are very poor, we’ll find usually more crime, more people taking advantage of weak, more diseases, more suffering, more deaths and no education at all.

Of course, money is not the only important thing in life, but without it you just can’t survive. That is the basic fact.

Money is pretty darned important especially in this pure materialistic age. To support your self and your family, to buy food, water, shelter, clothing, to pay medical bills, to socialize… you need money. With money only you could be able to support and help people around you, even your loved ones. All we know that these are all most important things.

Also, if you feel that it’s more important to contribute to others or to serve a social cause than to be rich, well guess what, again you need to earn money, grow rich and attain financial freedom. If you earn more money you can contribute more, serve more.

Then how come this myth created… money is not important? Simply ridiculous. Don’t you think so?

Chapter 3: Make Money Online Now! _________________________________________________

What are you waiting for? Haven’t you realized that the future is in the internet arena whether it be online marketing or simply working for companies that are based and hire online employees.

If you don’t do it now you may always regret it because sooner or later you will be force to make the switch but you won’t be in the driver’s seat any longer.

So, what are the advantages to having the ability to make money online? Well there are several. For one there is increased ability to automate and therefore be working even while, you are sleeping. You also don’t have to work in the typical and uncomfortable work environment.

You can work when you want and this includes more flexibility to take that needed vacation whenever. You can work where you want–at home, at the library, in the coffee shop, at your cottage, or on your Caribbean cruise. You can also wear what you want, I prefer sweat pants and a T-shirt you might like your bath robe.

Other huge advantages to a “make money online” type of job are that you don’t have to worry about product whether it be storage, distribution, tech support, you name it. You are most often earning commissions for selling other people’s products. You also aren’t limited by geography in your market. You can sell to people in Indonesia just as easily (other than maybe language barrier) as to your neighbor.

The internet allows you more potential diversity of income than your typical job does as well. If one source of income dries up you will typically have 2 or 3 or 4 other sources to fall back on while you repair or replace the first.

So, this sounds good right? So, what are you waiting for? Oh…you think that the initial risk of quitting your job to make money online is too high? Well then don’t quit your job! You can easily maintain both a normal job and an internet income at the same time and you will find very soon that you have nothing to fear. What about startup costs?

Well depending on how you start some (data entry, surveys, etc.) have very little assuming you already have a decent computer and connection to the internet.

Other cheap options include eBay and other online auction sites. So please don’t wait, now is your chance to beat the mad rush and at the pace that makes you comfortable.

Chapter 4: Make Money Selling Products That You Didn’t Even Create _________________________________________________

There are many individuals who are misinformed when it comes to making money online.

Unfortunately, a large number of individuals believe that you have to be trained in a particular field or have special talents. The reality is that skills and training may increase your chances of finding a legitimate moneymaking opportunity; however, they are not required.

All you need to do is find an opportunity that requires little or no work and then you could be on your way to making money.

An opportunity that requires little or no work; if you are wondering how this is possible you are not alone. Most individuals are taught to beware of these business opportunities because most of them are scams. While you will find scams online, there real business opportunities out there that would not require you to put in long work hours.

One of those business opportunities involves selling a product that isn’t even yours. You can do this by acquiring the private label resell rights for a particular product. These products are most commonly e-books, software programs, and content articles.

The first step in taking part in this amazing business opportunity is to find a private label product that currently has its resell rights available for sale. This can easily be done a number of different ways. Perhaps, the easiest way is to perform a standard internet search. If you are interested in purchasing the resell rights to an e-book, you will want to perform a standard internet search, using the words private label e-book resell rights.

If you are looking to purchase content articles, software programs, or something else, you will need to replace the word e-book with what you are searching for. By performing this internet search, you should be provided with links to websites offering resell rights for sale.

An alternative to performing your own research is to seek recommendations from those that you know. If you know of anyone who has participated in this money-making opportunity, you may want to ask them for advice. While product recommendations are good, it is still advised that you closely examine each product offer before making a final decision.

If you do not know anyone who has participated in this type of opportunity, you can easily speak to those that you do not know. What is nice about the internet is that it allows you to connect with a wide variety of different people. These people may be able to offer advice or inside tips when it comes to obtaining the resell rights to a particular private label product. Once you have found an individual who is offering their product for sale, via private label resell rights, you will need to consider their product. You will want to make sure that it is not only a quality product, but one that you will be able to sell.

This is important because you will be buying the right to resell the product. Since you will be investing your own money into this business opportunity, you will need to make sure that you are successful. If you are absolutely sure that you have found a quality product that you can market and sell to the general public, you can go ahead and strike a deal with the product creator.

Although obtaining the resell rights to a product, such as an e-book, software program, or collection of content articles, will not require a large amount of work on your part, it is important to remember that you will have to do some work.

To effectively sell the product which you acquired the rights to, you will need to market your product to the general public. Of course, unless otherwise stated in you resell rights agreement, you should be market the product in any way that you see fit. In other words, this means that you should still be able to make money no matter how much or how little you want to work.

Chapter 5: Six Ways for Kids to Make Money _________________________________________________

Most of us know the usual ways for kids to make money, which include lemonade stands, newspaper routes and mowing lawns.

However, there are more unusual ways. Some of the ways listed below are from my own childhood, when I was always looking for another way to make money.

  1. Be a chef. At about eleven years old, I used to sell meals to my brothers (I had four of them). I got 25 cents for scrambled eggs or a sandwich, and more for more complicated meals. My brothers preferred to stay in front of the TV and let me cook for them. Since the food was already provided by my parents, the income was pure profit.
  2. Computer whiz-kid service. Many young kids know a lot about computers. My nephew was getting paid for programming by the time he was fourteen, but even younger kids can show old folks how to use a computer and the internet for a fee. Learn a few more skills, and they can even set up computers for new owners who are using them for the first time. Letting grandparents spread the word would be a good marketing ploy.
  3. Household carnival. I charged my brothers five cents for a wadded up piece of paper selected from a bucket full of them. Most had a penny or two inside them, but a few had a quarter. It was just one of my “carnival” events. I also had them throwing pennies at a bowl across the room, which I kept, of course. If a penny stayed in the bowl they won a dime. I’m almost embarrassed to say how much of their hard-earned paper route money I took from them.
  4. Collect returnable. We collected and returned cans and bottles for a deposit as kids. Now that more states have return laws, it’s an even better way to make a little cash. During the Cherry Festival, when I lived in Traverse City, Michigan, adults came to town just to collect the cans that people threw all over. With a 10-cent deposit, they were collecting more than $100 worth per day according to several of them. If the kids wear
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gloves, leave broken cans and bottles alone, and use hand sanitizer, this is a safe way to make money.

  1. Personal services menu. If there are many people in the family, a great way for kids to make money is to sell their services. They can make a menu of things they’ll do and how much they charge for each. It might include washing windows for 50 cents each, for example, and maybe $1.50 to walk a dog. If the list is copied, it could be handed out to all relatives and possibly neighbors too.
  2. Rummage sales and flea markets. If parents agree, kids can have rummage sales, selling not just household things, but arts and crafts and refreshments too. Parents might even take their kids to a flea market to set up a stand.

I sold (as an adult) more than $1,000 of hand-made walking sticks one summer, while my wife sold hundreds of dollars’ worth in pewter figurines glued to rocks, sea shells and crystals. Cookies and drinks sell well too. It’s a great way to learn about business, and a good way for kids to make money.

Chapter 6: Why, Where and How to Make Money? _________________________________________________

The simple questions in life can determine our path. we can ignore it, but it will never let go of us. We know the answer but is it the right one, is there a right one?

Her is a very regular person, asking so many questions, only to find his way out. And it may also lead you out. Give him a chance.

I have put a red carpet that lead to the door of a very successful unique guy, he can and will change your life the way he did for me. I now will try to convince you to walk through on this red carpet. In life we are signs we can lead each other’s toward a different place; is it good or bad it depends on our choice. choosing the right sign that point to the better direction no short cuts and no returns.

90 percent of our time we are looking for something, thinking or hopping we know what we are looking for. And 90 percent we are looking for the wrong thing. So, we need to put everything in reach the H you need to go through P, A and T and have PATH.

Why we need money for?

Some will say, OK this one is really stupid, we know all our life is focused on money we work hard for it, we trad time “the most prestigious element on life” for it and we make our lives Miserable because of it. This is what we call modern life where there is a little if any space for love, family and happiness.

OK maybe it is stupid, but are we living to make money or are we making money to live. think!!

Our childhood we spend in studying what we call education, but with the time we implant the idea that this study has one and only one purpose and that is to have a good respectful job, and the last one is for the money.

here goes third of our life time, the next third we will try to work hard enough to make a living. In this period of time we are looking for success, for some this word mean satisfying the BOSS, making the business owner richer and for others making a progress of themselves for themselves.

Now stop; do yourself a favor, just stop…

look back and look forward, where are you going? With whom? what are you doing? and for what?

Now answer is you living for the money or by the money?

Doing what you love to do and by doing it you make money.

Your job need to be something you live to do, this is the only way you will be creative and successful. Do not try to love your job, try to find your “love job”. It`s like your partner in life you can find some ” any one” and trying hard to love him or her, and you know this is wrong. Do it the wright way could be the easy way.

Do not judge people before you hear them out, and think about what they said. Someone who has failed can give you a good advice of how to success.

Chapter 7: Online Investment – Three Ways to Make Money _________________________________________________

Given the rapid growth of Internet nowadays, making money through online investments is now easier than you think.

There is an entire host of legal ways to achieve great profit using online investment than nay bank can ever offer. Here are some ideas you can take advantage of when you plan your investments.

  1. Invest in Forex

Also called foreign exchange market, Forex is a market where investors buy or sell currencies of economically stable countries. Choosing to place your online investment this way can bring you a lot of profit, but you have to be well informed on the politics and economy of all countries.

You must also find a broker who will open an account for you in order to open and close your transactions. It’s your obligation to protect your online investment by finding a reputable broker and brokerage company.

It is also in your best interest if your broker is registered to Futures Commission Merchant. This can lower the risk of Forex trading, yet bear in mind that in online investment, as in any type of investment for that matter, the risk will never become zero.

  1. Invest in online stock trading

If you are interested in entering the online stock trading arena, you should develop a strategic plan which relies on realistic expectations and is well grounded in the basics. Remember to be selective from the get-go and avoid throwing all your assets into a stock just because it looks good at first sight.

In order to make the best of your online investment, you should approach it with both skepticism and realism. You will also increase your chances of being successful if you ask for the advice of those who already are so, and who can give you information to your comfort level.

  1. Invest in Sports Arbitrage Trading

This a technique based on the disagreements of bookmakers when it comes to placing a bet for an event in the sports world. When you make your online investment through Sports Arbitrage Trading you win irrespective of the sports team which actually wins the game, yet find these opportunities by yourself is quite difficult.

There are, however, many helpful guides and trading pools you can consult to understand this type of online investment. Although profit is usually in the range of 2% to 5%, investors report profit rates of up to 15% of their initial investment.

In conclusion, take some action today and you might make more money then you ever dream is possible tomorrow.

Chapter 8: Top 4 Ways How To Make Money At Home _________________________________________________

A lot of people are now making money at home, and everyone is doing it differently. If you are wondering how you can make money at home, here are the answers.

The Internet is a thriving haven of money-making opportunities. If you know where to look, and is prepared to maximize your skills and knowledge, you can find plenty of ways how to make money at home, simple with the use of your computer. Venture into the online work environment and choose from any of these top five money-making opportunities online.

Website Marketing

Website marketing is one of the top ways to make money at home. As more and more people are becoming exposed to the world of media discourse and the Internet is becoming easier to manipulate, the number of websites on the World Wide Web is also increasing.

Nowadays, anyone can create his own website, publish it to the Internet, and earn money from it. The world of website marketing may be a bit tricky, but once you learn the tricks of the trade, you can drive traffic to your website, get people to advertise on it, and get rich as you sit in a comfortable chair at home.

Freelance Professional Services

Offering freelance professional services is now a widely known way to make money at home. A lot of people are now offering their professional services online to clients worldwide. With no other effort needed, a person can make use of his skills and knowledge to make money at home.

There are online communities where service providers and customers are interacting and transacting. If you are an artist, you can offer web design, graphic design, and even photography services. If you are a writer, you can offer writing, proofreading, and editing services. In addition to that, if you are looking for a pressure-free job, you can simply offer data encoding

services. You can even get paid to create, read, or respond to e-mails. There are a lot of opportunities out there, so there is no need to fear that you won’t sustain your home-based career. Better yet, offering freelance services will help you enhance your skills and knowledge as well.


If you can provide services online, you can also sell goods. This is where Entrepreneurship comes in. Majority of goods that are being sold nowadays are also being sold or advertised on the Internet. The shift to a web-based society has also affected the world of entrepreneurship and has transformed it into “entrepreneurship” instead.

There are now a lot of community websites wherein people are trading and selling, and websites that are dedicated to selling. You can sell virtually anything online, and the benefits are plenty. You can reach more people with your products when you decide to sell it on the Internet.

More people, even outside of your network, and even those who are not on the lookout for the kind of product you sell, can easily come across your product on the Internet and be lured into buying. Through entrepreneurship, you can sell products and make money at home, without having to face the woes of a full-fledged, actual business.

Hassle-Free Online Opportunities

If you haven’t decided to make money at home, why not just increase your present income through hassle-free money-making opportunities online, such as taking surveys? Now, companies are shifting their market research online, and to extend across boundaries, they are offering to pay people to simply answer some surveys.

There are a lot of survey sites on the Internet nowadays. All you have to do is sign up for these survey sites to get access to a lot of surveys. You can take as many surveys as you can, so your income will be entirely up to you.

Each survey will only take you a few minutes to answer, so you can gauge the number of surveys you can take every day. This is a good way to make money at home, even just during your free time.


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