Internet is a very large place where people comes to find information, internet is very huge. as we know we all come here to surf contents. we can also earn money from here but you need to have a proper knowledge to earn. earning from internet is not difficult anyone can earn from the internet it as similar as of taking a college degree but once you have all the proper knowledge it will change your lifestyle, it will generate you money.

Imagine thousands of dollar per month by working on internet from your home. you can leave your existing 9-5 job where you use to work under pressure of boss, here you can be your own boss. I have already made thousands of dollar on internet. so now i want to share this knowledge to all my audience, so that you can make money too. so the only thing you need is a laptop or desktop with internet connection,proper knowledge and some tools.

Earning with website and Article writing(Blog)

you can make huge amount of money with article writing on website. you you just need to buy a domain and hosting for that or just buy a domain and host it on, it’s a platform for bloggers where many blogger host their website and make money from it.

you just need to know your field of intrest and write some rticles and put it on your website. make habit of blog posting. bloggers earn a huge amount now can also select a niche( particular topic like- travel, lifestyle , photography etc) and advertise it on social networking sites. if your content is unique and attractive your page will rank and you will get organic traffic and people will regularly visit your website. make good connection with your audience. when you get good amount of visitors you canapply for adsense and make money by showing advertisement on your site, thats just a normal idea. i don’t know you personally, so i can’t tell how much you can make,maybe you know much about computers,so you can make much more money by implementing you own idea


Fiverr is a online marketplace, fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering them digital services in about 250+ category.

it is a marketplace of fee lancers wherethey offer services from $5. There are several category where you can provide services and charge money herer you get paid hourly. you can choose any service in which have knowledge like-logo designing, web development, video editing etc.


show your creativity by making videos on youtube. your video could be on any topic no matters who you are whats you degree if you are creative enough you are gonna make money through youtube by just making videos

you can make videos about entertainment, dancer, comedy, gamer, motivational video maker a speaker share you creativity with world and the world is going to appreciate you creativity, give your 100% if you are gamer brands are going to sponsor you, many gamer earns with sponsorship.

A video of a kid playing guitar or a person doing prankwith girls or boys are getting so many views even a guy who is roasting get views and they are making money from this platform.

this platform is very powerful and easy to use , just make video in front of camera , you can teach people on youtube too about different topics like web designing, programming language and many things.

make sure to use keywords to rank on the search page so that you can get more views

Affiliate Maketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn without investing money. affiliate marketing is a online marketing where youget commision on promoting someone else’s product or service like promoting amazon, clickbank, Ebay products

The big E-commerce company provides afiliate membership without any fee. go to social network profile and promote their products or service

Affiliate marketing can be done in other way too in this you have to invest some $. you need to build your website and write the review of their product and share them. In this you need to choose an niche so that you can rank on you give review of their product people comes through search engine when the find your review helpful they will buy from you link and you get commision

Web Development

Making a website is not difficult task now days, you can learn web development within hours from youtube tutorials and udemy courses. try to gain more and more knowledge “The more you learn the more you earn”. so try to leaern things and trust me these things are not that difficult if you are willing to laern them seriously.

After larning how to make website, promote your services on the business facebook group there are many people who are shifting their business online and they need a web developer to design and manage their website.

you can earn $1000 per website, just make money



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